Tim Photo by AlexWatrous
Photo by Alex Watrous

Looks like my only chance for you to get to know me, eh?

I am a two time Emmy nominated, Associated Press Award winning,
ukulele playing drummer.

More or less.

I’ve been working in television and making films for about 13 years now, and I continue to do so. My passion has led me to many honors and awards- just a reassurance that I’m doing the right thing.

My passion is comedy. I love to laugh, and above all, making others laugh. I will always update the site so you can see the latest news and what I’m up to. I dabble in all genre and style, so please enjoy. Also- a lot of my humor can be “edgy” I guess. Just so you know.

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About the logo: My friend Matt and I were staying in a hotel back in 2004. Bringing a camera with me everywhere, we wound up in the exercise room where Matt decided to do a little a stunt. It wound up becoming a viral hit and was shown on MTV’s Ridiculousness, Cartoon Network’s BoBB’e Says, and wound up on Tosh.0 somehow. My professional business still uses the image of my street where I grew up, but now gearing more towards comedy, my good friend AJ Paglia made a pretty killer design.