Shareholder Agreement Sec

(a) In the case of a public sale of shares of the company153s in a signed offer, any shareholder agrees if requested by the managing insurer or sub-managers in such a subscribed offer (and with respect to a company other than the IPO if and only if both sponsors accept such a request) not to sell (a) offer to sell , to mortgage or otherwise divest (or to make a transaction or device intended or likely to sell a person at any time in the future of shares, including shares that may be considered advantageous in the possession of the undersigned in accordance with SEC rules and rules and shares that may be issued in the event of exercise of options or stock orders) or which may be issued in the event of exercise of options or stock orders) , in or in the exercise of shares or exchangeable for shares, b) concludes any swap transaction or other derivative transaction that transfers all or part of the economic benefits or risks of ownership of shares, whether such a transaction is settled in cash or in any other way by the provision of shares or other securities pursuant to clause (a) or b) (c) an application for the right or exercise of a rights or a rights or registration rights or registration rights including any changes to the registration of shares or securities that are convertible or exercisable in shares or other securities of the Company, or (d) the intention, in all cases, during the period of 7 days before and up to 180 days (in the event of an IPO) or 90 days (in the event of another public sale) (or in the case of another public sale) or in the case of another public sale) , in all cases, another period that can reasonably be requested by the company or managing insurer to take into account the neratonic regulatory restrictions for (i) the publication or other dissemination of research reports and (ii) analyst recommendations and opinions, including, but not limited to, the restrictions contained in FINRA rules or possible succession provisions or amendments , after the date of the insurance agreement reached in connection with this public sale of the company. To the extent that the managing company or insurer or insurers are informed in a written manner in a timely manner; provided that no shareholder is subject to such a period of prohibition for longer than that of a sponsor or other shareholder. At the request of the managing insurer or the subtitles of such a public sale of a business (and with respect to such a public sale of the company that is not the IPO, if and only if the two sponsors accept such a request), the shareholders enter into a separate agreement with the above effect. The company may sign share transfer contracts (or other securities) until the end of the reporting period. (iii) the commitment, closing, promotion or demotion of other measures that may constitute a “good reason” (or similar approach) in the context of an employment contract or applicable performance plan for the Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer or any other officer who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, or the substantial implementation or modification of an employment agreement with such an executive official; SECTION 4.05. The rights and obligations of the takers. Any purchaser of shares (including eligible purchasers who have acquired their shares pursuant to Section 4.02) is required to become a party to the agreement at the time and as a condition of such a transfer (unless that purchaser is already a party to this agreement) by executing and extracting the necessary documents to determine the sponsors by executing and delivering the necessary documents. to make that person a party which, unless otherwise stated, is treated as a shareholder for all purposes of this contract, with the same rights, benefits and obligations that the ceding shareholder entails with respect to the transferred shares (except that if the purchaser was a shareholder prior to that transfer, that purchaser has the same rights, benefits, benefits,