Happy Birthday to me!

Anthony Ambrosino asked me to help the interns at The 989 Project produce some webisodes to help promote the premiere of their film Sleather on August 14th at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Though the showing was on my birthday, it ended up being the most exciting birthday yet. When making the shorts that week I saw Sleather come together bit by bit  for the premiere, and it was a really fun crew to work with.

My graphics card crashed on my macbook only being able to produce four webisodes, so when I was at the Mac Store picking it up on the premiere date I got a call from Erica Mills asking for my blu-ray burner- My heart stopped a little. There is no way 3 hours before the premiere 989 can produce an HD disc in time. I brought an external BDR drive over and waited, soon being asked to deliver the film to the theater. Tori and I took their entire computer setup and rushed to the theater arriving 15 minutes before the premiere. The only clear path into the building was the red carpet. We rushed down (Matt House kindly got a snap shot of Tori and I rushing down with the film), hooked it up, and everything played fine. After, I came home to an awesome ninja turtle birthday cake. In the end, how many times can you say the film also went down the red carpet on it’s premiere?