Who Did the Soundtrack? Nate Did.

Long story short- if you’ve been following my news feed, you’ve noticed my friend Frank Durant and I made documentary called Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game. We showed it at RI Comic Con, we showed it at the SENE Film Festival and won an award… but there’s still this footage from the WBZ Evening Magazine Spot about the production of Clue VCR II: Murder in Disguise in Newport, RI.

The guy I was in contact with on The Art of Murder forums disappeared on me, WBZ-TV gave the archives to WGBH… WGBH got rid of them… I was defeated and made a release date of the film.  Lo and behold, Michael Dell’Orto (Monsieur Brunette himself) came to the rescue! He had a copy of it!!! He got it to me ASAP–

Who Did It OST Cover
So- in the meantime, as I rework the second part of the film to put in this amazing footage behind the scenes of Clue VCR II, our composer Nathanael Tronerud has released Who Did It’s Soundtrack. Please check it out and buy a copy. He worked his butt off on it, and I honestly feel it’s why the film flows now.

See you in June!