Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dreams do come true- Here’s the proof.

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible! Many of you know my love for the band They Might Be Giants. On an AL TV from 1992 I traded over the internet back in 7th grade I found the music video “The Statue Got Me High“. Rewinding and watching that video dozens of times I was hooked, and my mom bought me the CD Apollo 18 that Easter. I was blown away… This band truly ended up getting me through middle school, and became a love still to this day.


Fast forward a few (17!) years- In the meantime TMBG had released a children’s album in a sort of dare called “No!“. It received a great response and a deal with Disney (Did I mention they won a Grammy for their third kid’s album Here Comes the 123’s?). In those albums their bassist Danny Weinkauf wrote a few of the songs. Even “I Am a Paleontologist” got onto a Payless Shoes commercial– Danny ended up recording, producing and releasing his album “No School Today” this year. Long story short, through his crowd funding campaign I got in touch with him offering any help with video.

Downplaying my excitement working with one of my idols here… He got back to me and we went back and forth what kind of project to work on. He ended up giving me the task to make a lyric video for “Cast My Vote.” The project became a payoff in my obsession with School House Rock and drawings of these characters I would make in grade school. He loved my storyboards and alas… it comes out today. Here is my animation of “Cast My Vote” by Danny Weinkauf. Enjoy 🙂