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Who Did It? The Clue VCR Game at RI Comic Con!

A couple years ago my friend Frank Durant tried getting the cast of the Clue VCR Mystery Game together for the first Rhode Island Comic-Con.

Believe me, I asked the same question- What the hell is the Clue VCR Mystery Game?

It was a little before my time, but Parker Brothers kept the production of their first VCR video game locally in Wenham, MA (and the sequel in Newport, RI). Frank couldn’t raise the funds to get them together, so about year later after a meeting I asked Frank, “What’s going on with Clue? We have all their contacts… If they can’t come to us, let’s just go to them.”

A week later Frank had the interviews lined up and a small budget from the RI Comic Con. The premiere event was at the Second Annual RI Comic Con on November 3rd!

L-R:Amanda Bard, ass. editor Tim Labonte, co-director/editor Jennifer Mullen & Victor Mancini, players.

We just had a meeting on it’s future plans for festivals and online release, so keep checking in for updates. We’ve been getting great feedback on the documentary, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.