Monthly Archives: April 2013

Oh, hello again SENE.

Very excited to be part of the Southeast New England Film Festival again this year! They have accepted our film Hey There, Chief! It will be at the Columbus Theater, April 6th at 6:45pm.

What’s funny is three other films I was involved with are accepted! So if you miss the Comedy Shorts I program, you can always see Cat Scratch, The Perfect Day for a Picnic, and Memories for Sale. The tech director said I probably have the record for most films in the festival :p

A new chapter in the WorkForce

I have just been hired as the media producer for WaterFire Providence. I’m very excited, especially since it’s one of largest art installations and events in the city. I will be in charge of everything audio/visual. So all the social media video, some photography, PSAs and commercials, music program… it’s all me, people. To learn more about WaterFire, the website is

Definitely take a peek.

And if you want, you can follow the WaterFire YouTube channel for all my latest videos for the organization.