Monthly Archives: July 2012

The 48 Hour returns.

I taught at a movie camp this summer, It was a blast. The kids did an amazing job and their films were adorable. The day we showed the kids’ movies Jesse called me, “Hey, are we doing the 48 this year?”

To be honest, I wasn’t planning it. Just wiped out from the camp and my grandmothers 90th surprise Birthday film, I felt it wasn’t physically possible for another sleepless weekend. I answered Jesse, “Call me tomorrow when I’m more rested.” He called me the next day, and I made the same request. I realized… If I’m having him call me when I feel better, that just means I want to do it. I called him saying, “Screw it, let’s do this.”

Jesse wound up being producer this year. He did an awesome job getting us in the system and bringing an amazing team together. He brought in his friend Jamie from when he worked at Full Channel and their friend Sam Coale, another local filmmaker. We got along right away and went off to kick-off.

We pulled the genre: Vacation or Holiday.
The prop? An autopart.
The line of dialogue? “We need to get going.”
And the character: Dear Albert or Alice, advice columnist.

Well, this is what they look like through our eyes. Enjoy!

We didn’t take home any awards this year. I don’t care- We got an awesome reaction at the screening and the weekend was a blast. Well… till next year!