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FIRST Lego League: Food Factor Wins a Telly!

Jesse Dufault and I were recruited last year to shoot and edit a video for FIRST Lego League robotics. The video focused on the program, championship, and actual FIRST members. It was a blast to film with the kids. We decided to submit to some awards, and we won a Telly! I put the video below if you’d like to see the award winning video!

A Belated Christmas Card

We had to produce a found footage music video in my class. When I was young, the Christmas video tapes I watched with my grandparents, and staying home sick from school and weekends in Decembers, a Rankin/Bass special would sometimes pop up on a main channel, or some other random cable network. I would be kind of creeped out by the puppets (possibly because of a Child’s Play poster that our local video store took down for me and replaced with Care Bears II).

In high school when Fox (now ABC) Family started showing Rankin/Bass marathons, I became so fascinated with the productions’ history. Above all, there were way more specials no one truly knew about. Over the years I collected as much Rankin/Bass I could as they became available on DVD, or which obscure one I could find on VHS online.

One thing I did notice as I continued to watch the films through college- there is a lot of dark themes running through these specials. So, as the films irked me as a kid, I wanted to create a montage of those scary, violent, and creepy moments that occurred in each film.

Though, I did include A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Small One, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Besides all the Rankin/Bass, these three still hold dear to my heart, and I wanted them to make an appearance. We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ is from a Yule Log DVD I found in a bin while working at a record store.