Monthly Archives: August 2011

Return of the Treadmill

MTV has contacted Matt and I for their new show Ridiculousness! It stars Rob Dyrdek and Company, and their take on accident-prone videos. They wanted the treadmill clip for it, and Matt and I happily accepted their offer. Tosh.0 already did it you say? Not really. What’s cool about Ridiculousness is that a bunch of friends are together making fun of the internet’s finest– Not some dude and a green screen. The trailer is a lot of fun, and the treadmill video makes an appearance!

The show premieres August 29th, but a little birdie told me we’re in Episode 16- So we still have a few weeks. But check it out- It looks like a good time.

Yet another 48 Hour Film Project…

It’s that’s time of year again—And I was blessed to be part of another great 48 Hour team. Being hired second shift at WPRI, I wasn’t able to be involved 100% on the team, so I gathered my good friends Jesse Dufault, Jeff Bielat, and Richie Carvill. We’re all one man bands, and that’s exactly what we needed for the team.

Jeff and Richie went to the kickoff event and pulled Dark Comedy (yes!!!) and we text and called all night while I was desperately waiting for my shift to end. Providence’s character this year was Alan or Alana Sarmast (Next Door Neighbor), prop was a newspaper, and line of dialogue was “What are you working on?” orrrrr “Whatcha workin’ on?” (we chose the latter). As Jesse and I edited, Jeff and Richie wrote and recorded the music- and here is the result of the weekend:

And the outcome? Another Audience Choice Award! Hope you enjoyed it- So ‘til next year!

L-R: Richie, Jesse, and Tim