Monthly Archives: April 2011

Haiti Nominated for an EMMY!

More great news pouring in! Jonas and I have been nominated for an Emmy for Haiti: Triumph, Sorrow, and the Struggle of a People! We submitted to the Societal Concern category back in December- So now we sit and wait for the NATAS Ceremony May 14th. Here is the full list of this year’s nominations (PDF).

UPDATE: Jonas and I ended up not taking home the Emmy, but it was still such a great experience! It’s exciting to know that other’s in your field watch your work, vote, and decide it’s good enough to win such a prestigious award. And It’s definitely a toll mentally when your category is one of the last to be called! But there’s plans to submit for this coming award season with another project, so we shall see! But now it’s time for Haiti: Triumph, Sorrow, and the Struggle of a People to be shown to the world. The release date is set for August- So look in stores and online soon!