Monthly Archives: July 2010

The (New) Mike Messier Show and a new short film!

Hey everyone! It has been a very busy summer, but I finally have a chance to sit down and give you some new material and updates!

First off, Haiti: Triumph, Sorrow, and the Struggle of a People is about 98% done. Jonas and I are finishing up the trailer and hopefully we will be able to give you some air times soon 🙂 Check in with the official site (still under construction) for updates and trailer release.

Second, I just accomplished the 2010 Providence 48 Hour Film Festival with my marvelous team 80 Nights Productions. I can’t post the film till August 22 after the Best of Screening- that is, if we make it onto the nominee list. If not, it shall be up by next week.

And lastly, my dear old friend Mike Messier and I were asked to produce three pilots for a cable television network. We did, and it was passed- haha. But I still had a lot of fun shooting the host segments and editing it, and there’s some funny stuff that will pop up here and there. In the month of June I worked on a feature film, so I released the episodes weekly, and here they are! Enjoy.