Monthly Archives: April 2010

SENE is over. Back to Haiti.

This last weekend was a lot of fun- Met some wonderful people and watched their great films. Wrestling with Sanity didn’t win the Regional Short Film Award, but oh well- it was still a blast.

The Haiti documentary I have been editing for Jonas Nosile is about 85% complete- Getting excited to finally finish that project up. We were almost done when the earthquake in January hit (we learned about it ten minutes after Jonas left an editing meeting).

But I have edited another Haiti documentary for Glenn Zienowicz, following the missionary group he was apart of in February. A first cut is finished, but I’m still working on some graphics for it. It will be up soon, though!

If you missed out on the SENE screening for Wrestling with Sanity, check it out at: Enjoy!

Mike (Director/Writer), Tim (Cinematographer/Editor), and Mark (Actor) answering some questions. Photo by John Pitocco.