Monthly Archives: August 2009

Treadmill Clip on BoBB’e Says!

Cartoon Network contacted me to use Matt and I’s treadmill video on a new clip show BoBB’e Says. We happily agreed to have the clip on the show (after business deals of course!) and the clip made it’s true television debut! Very exciting to watch our video and credit on the big-small screen. (Tosh.0 did snag it from somewhere and used it without permission for a treadmill compilation). So if you missed the series, here’s the clip on the show!

UPDATE: Cartoon Network reported me on YouTube, which was a third strike to have my account removed because of two other accounts where the company that owns ‘Carmina Burana’ reported my high school marching band video, and Bagdasarian Productions reported the Chipmunks Go to the Movies open theme. So here’s the clip in all it’s glory recorded from the TV. I think that’s allowed… Oh well!

BoBB'e Says Tim Credit