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Editing, my favorite Motif

I received a text from my friend: Have you seen the Motif Magazine Film Nominees?

I did not- I checked it out to see all the usuals getting a nomination. I was surprised to find myself nominated for my editing for The Perfect Day for a Picnic. As I continued down the list, I found Mike and I’s feature film Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! was nominated for experimental film as well.

Here is the issue, page 24.

Now, I’m really not a fan of “get your friends to vote” awards, but I was just dumbfounded that somewhere we were recognized for our work to be included in a pretty big zine in RI. I went to the ceremony, mainly to see my friends from Blood!– We didn’t get the awards, but it was a nice little night.

Oh, hello again SENE.

Very excited to be part of the Southeast New England Film Festival again this year! They have accepted our film Hey There, Chief! It will be at the Columbus Theater, April 6th at 6:45pm.

What’s funny is three other films I was involved with are accepted! So if you miss the Comedy Shorts I program, you can always see Cat Scratch, The Perfect Day for a Picnic, and Memories for Sale. The tech director said I probably have the record for most films in the festival :p

A new chapter in the WorkForce

I have just been hired as the media producer for WaterFire Providence. I’m very excited, especially since it’s one of largest art installations and events in the city. I will be in charge of everything audio/visual. So all the social media video, some photography, PSAs and commercials, music program… it’s all me, people. To learn more about WaterFire, the website is

Definitely take a peek.

And if you want, you can follow the WaterFire YouTube channel for all my latest videos for the organization.


I met the very talented Jamie Jewett when I returned to grad school, and he told me about this piece he filmed, but never finished. I always like a challenge – even after learning it was a modern dance piece. He asked if I could take the hour long performance and put it to 10 minutes…. like I said, a challenge. Well, now it’s premiering at Cable Car Cinema October 17th at 9pm as part of the Pixilerations event going on in Providence! Come and hang out 🙂 Here’s the program. And if you can’t make it, here’s the film!

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! has ARRIVED

Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! is complete! We had a private screening with the cast and crew back in September and had a truly fantastic night. Thank you so much for everyone’s great help and contribution to actually say: We’ve finished a feature film! Mike and I will be hard at work fundraising and submitting to festivals, and if you’d like to sponsor a film festival of your choice, please don’t hesitate to visit the film’s website at

A perfect surprise!

I was brought onto a committee to help produce the RIFC film The Perfect Day for a Picnic. I was also excited to learn my editing was nominated for the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival! Bob Lucas, our director, was nominated as well including Best Film, as well our wonderful cinematographer Eric Weindel. We were also previously accepted to The Rhode Island International Film Festival and The Other Venice Film Festival – It was a great team, and I’m very proud what we were all able to deliver.

The 48 Hour returns.

I taught at a movie camp this summer, It was a blast. The kids did an amazing job and their films were adorable. The day we showed the kids’ movies Jesse called me, “Hey, are we doing the 48 this year?”

To be honest, I wasn’t planning it. Just wiped out from the camp and my grandmothers 90th surprise Birthday film, I felt it wasn’t physically possible for another sleepless weekend. I answered Jesse, “Call me tomorrow when I’m more rested.” He called me the next day, and I made the same request. I realized… If I’m having him call me when I feel better, that just means I want to do it. I called him saying, “Screw it, let’s do this.”

Jesse wound up being producer this year. He did an awesome job getting us in the system and bringing an amazing team together. He brought in his friend Jamie from when he worked at Full Channel and their friend Sam Coale, another local filmmaker. We got along right away and went off to kick-off.

We pulled the genre: Vacation or Holiday.
The prop? An autopart.
The line of dialogue? “We need to get going.”
And the character: Dear Albert or Alice, advice columnist.

Well, this is what they look like through our eyes. Enjoy!

We didn’t take home any awards this year. I don’t care- We got an awesome reaction at the screening and the weekend was a blast. Well… till next year!